Expression of polo-like kinase 1 of murine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos in pre-implantation stage

Roh S and Moon J

Seoul National University School of Dentistry.

Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) has various abilities of application in research, as well as the medical field and industry. However, the efficiency of SCNT is very low because the accurate mechanism of SCNT embryo development is still unknown. In previous studies, Polo-like kinase 1 (Plk1) has been found to be a crucial element in cell division including centrosome maturation, cytokinesis and spindle formation. Therefore, we investigated the role of PLk1 in SCNT embryos in this experiment. First, BI2536, a Plk1 inhibitor, was used to investigate the influence of Plk1 in 1-cell embryos during first mitotic division. Because the Plk1 was decreased by BI2536, the embryos failed to develop to the 2-cell stage. Next, we checked the Plk1’s localization and intensity by immunofluorescence. The SCNT embryos, which were not developed, have two types of different Plk1 expressions in comparison with normal developed embryos. One is a low expression pattern of Plk1 and the other is ectopic expression of Plk1. Therefore, this result shows that Plk1 also plays critical role in SCNT embryos.