Applying for a teaching award – interactive workshop

Costabile M1,2

  1. School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia.
  2. Molecular Signalling Laboratory, University of South Australia Cancer Research Institute.

This session is aimed at academic staff interested in applying for a Teaching Award in the near future. The session will be run by Dr. Maurizio Costabile, who has been awarded teaching awards at University (UniSA Citation, 2013 and UniSA Digital Citation, 2015), National (Office of Learning and Teaching Citation, 2014) and International (Online Learning Consortium, Effective practice award, 2016, New Orleans) as well as being a finalist in the SA Science Excellence Awards for STEM Educator of the Year: Tertiary Teaching in 2017. The session will cover how to identify "excellence" in teaching, the forms of evidence required in an application and how it can be presented. How to craft your application, including creating and developing your narrative will be covered. The session will be run in an interactive workshop style with ample opportunity for questions and feedback during the session. Attendees that are at the start of their journey in applying for an award through to staff that have won local awards and are now seeking broader recognition are encouraged to attend.